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The National University Honours Course Examination of 1st Year is a test that evaluates the academic performance of students who have completed the first year of their four-year bachelor’s degree program at the National University of Bangladesh. This blog post shares the NU Honours 1st Year Examination Routine for 2024.

Honours 1st Year Routine

The National University Honours 1st Year Routine will be published soon, and there is no exact date and time. Recently, the Honours 1st year result was published on 3 April 2024, and the next publication is expected to be in May 2024. This Routine outlines the schedule for the upcoming examinations, providing students with a clear plan of action for their studies and preparations.

With the Routine in hand, students can now organize their time effectively, ensuring they can cover all necessary topics before the exams commence. Furthermore, the Routine includes specific dates and times for each subject, allowing students to create a study timetable tailored to their needs. This will help them allocate sufficient time for each subject, reducing the likelihood of cramming and improving their overall performance.

The release of the Routine has also generated a sense of motivation among students, who now have a tangible goal to work towards. With a clear plan and a determined mindset, students can strive to achieve their academic goals and perform well in the upcoming examinations.

Honours 1st Year Routine

Honours 1st Year Exam Date

The National University examines the supervision of the Ministry of Education. The examination aims to assess the student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in their respective fields of study and to prepare them for the next level of their academic careers.

Here are the important dates and times of the National University Honours 1st Year Examination.

Note: Honours 1st Year examination Routine 2024 for Academic Session 2023 is not yet announced.

See Below the latest Routine published on National University.

Important Date and Time of Honours 1st Year Exam
Exam Name Honours 1st Year 2023
Academic Session 2022
Authority National University
Routine Updated on 17 September 2023
Exam Start Date 16 October 2023
End Date 28 November 2023
Exam Time 1.00 PM
Result Publish Date 3 April 2024

Honours 1st Year  Routine Download

Here is the Honours 1st Year New Routine 2023, released on 17 September, and the Exam starts on 16 October 2023. See the Routine below and Download the PDF file.

See Honours 1st Year Routine below.

Honours 1st Year Routine 2023 page 1 of 2
Honours 1st Year Routine 2023 – Page 1
Honours 1st Year Routine 2023 page 2 of 2
Honours 1st Year Routine – Page 2

Download the Honours 1st-year routine PDF below.

Download PDF Routine

Why Honours Routine is Important to a Student

The Honours routine is essential to a student because it provides structure and consistency to their study routine. It helps them prioritize their time and allocate sufficient hours to each subject, ensuring they cover all the necessary topics.

Additionally, following a routine helps students develop good study habits and discipline, essential skills for academic success. It also reduces the chances of procrastination and encourages students to stay focused and motivated throughout their study sessions.

Honours Routine plays a crucial role in helping students achieve their academic goals and perform at their best.

Common Guide to an Honours Examinee

A standard guidance for every Honours examinee is the following:

  • Schedule time for each subject per Routine and study according to that time.
  • The admit card is issued after the release of the Routine, and after receiving this admit card, one should check that all the subjects and subject codes are correct; if correct in all the subjects, then start studying accordingly, and if any subject or any it is not accurate, it should be fixed by contacting the university authorities.
  • The venue mentioned in the admit card should be checked, and the seat list should be known from the venue before the start of the examination.
  • No unnecessary paper bags except paper, pen, calculator, and other general equipment shall be carried in the examination hall.
  • The result must be entered before the commencement of the examination and within the scheduled time. All times related to the examination will be mentioned in the admit card, and the time allotted for each subject will be mentioned in each question.
  • All the general rules and regulations mentioned in the admit card should be observed and completed in the examination hall accordingly.

We hope this blog post has helped you to get the Honours 1st Year Routine and understand the NU Honours Examination. You can check the Honours 1st to 4th years routine. If you have questions about the NU Honours Exam, comment below.

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