Masters Final Year Routine 2024

Students of the master’s final year are looking for a final year routine. In this post, we describe NU masters final year form fill up, NU masters final year routine. We also update the NU masters final year routine pdf to download. National University authority will publish routine. NU publishes form fill up a notice, and after completing form fill up then routine will publish.

You can download your nu master final year routine pdf from our website, but you need to wait until it publishes. After NU authority publishes the routine, we will update the routine immediately so that you can find it to view or download the routine from our website.

Masters Final Year Routine

The National University Masters Final Year Examination is a significant academic event for students concluding their master’s degree programs. These exams encompass a variety of courses including MA, MSS, MBA, MSc, and M Music, among others. Each exam is set to commence at 1:00 PM daily. This period marks a crucial phase for students as they complete their higher education and prepare for their future professional carrier.

Masters Final Year Routine

Let’s know the Masters Final Year Exam conditions, Form Fill up, Examination fees, and Examination centers.

Exam Conditions

  1. The candidates will not be able to take the examination in the college center. Examinations of the candidates will be held in other colleges. The candidates are requested to inform the concerned people, including the candidates.
  2. The candidates’ admission forms will be collected from the respective colleges of the National University and distributed among the concerned candidates.
  3. The place of the practical and oral examination will be informed of the date and time.
  4. Completely examine the responsibilities of knowing the dates and times of practical and oral exam placements.
  5. The computer unit has to submit a copy of the candidates’ policy statement and the Center fees to the officer-in-charge of the center.
  6. If they have any complaints related to the schedule, they will have to write in a written and signed manner within 10 days of the schedule’s publication.

NU Masters Final Year Form Fill up

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Exam charge of National University NU Masters Final Year Exam

No. Detail Total charge
1 MSS/MA/ MBS (regular/ irregular & private) BDT. 1950
2 M.Sc (regular & irregular) Physics, Home Economics, Psychology, Zoology & Geography BDT. 2100
Mathematics, Statistics, Botany BDT. 2200
Soil Science BDT. 2350
Chemistry BDT. 2300
Biochemistry BDT. 2150
3 Improvement & failed students exams (per subject) BDT. 300
4 Viva/ Practical/ Tutorial/ Thesis/ Monogram & Fieldwork BDT. 1000
5 M. Music students BDT. 3520
6 Library Science students BDT. 2150
7 Thesis charge (if applicable) BDT. 1500
8 ICT charge (if applicable) BDT. 700

Masters Final Year Exam center list

After the publication of the NU Masters final year exam center list, we will update it. We will update the exam center list as soon as possible. We have to wait until the NU masters final year exam center list publish. You can download the exam center list as a pdf file.

If you have any questions regarding NU Masters final year form fill up and Routine, please let us know and comment below.

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