NCTB Books of Class 8 PDF 2024 [Secondary Education]

NCTB Books of Class 8 are PDF Textbooks for Bangladesh Secondary Education of Class 8. NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board) prepares the textbooks and syllabus used in the education system of Bangladesh. In this article, we have shared PDF textbooks for Class 8. You can read the Syllabus and PDF Textbook here.

NCTB Books of Class 8

NCTB Founded in 1954, and its parent organization is the Bangladesh Ministry of Education. NCTB is the National Curriculum and Textbook Board and administers the Bangladesh Education Board Textbooks and Syllabus.

NCTB Books of Class 8

There are two versions of Books in Class 8 Secondary Education in Bangladesh. Bengali and English versions of books and syllabus are the same but different in Language. You can now download and read the NCTB PDF Textbook for class 8. Choose your version below the table and download your class 8 PDF Books. All the PDF Books are available here to download and read online. You can read the books online or download them to read later.

Class 8 PDF Text Book

Here are NCTB Books of Class 8 PDF Download 2024. You can download the Class 8 PDF Book for Bengali and English. If you are a Bengali Version student, you must download and read the Bengali Version textbook. If you are a student of the English Version, you must download and read the English version of the textbook.

NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board Bangladesh) provides Bengali and English Versions of Books. Ensure that Both versions of the syllabus are the same and different in Language.

Let’s see the Books of Class 8, which are available to read online and available to download. Later, we will share how to read PDF Textbooks on various devices.

We are sharing both Bengali and English versions of the PDF Textbook of class 8. You can download the PDF Textbook for Academic Year 2024. Let’s see the NCTB PDF textbook of Class 8.

Eighth grade textbook for secondary level of 2024 academic year

Sl Subject name Bangla Version English Version
 1 বাংলা pdf pdf
2 English pdf pdf
3 গণিত pdf pdf
4 বিজ্ঞান অনুসন্ধানী পাঠ pdf pdf
5 বিজ্ঞান অনুশীলন বই pdf pdf
6 ইতিহাস ও সামাজিক বিজ্ঞান pdf pdf
7 ডিজিটাল প্রযুক্তি pdf pdf
8 স্বাস্থ্য সুরক্ষা pdf pdf
9 জীবন ও জীবিকা pdf pdf
10  শিল্প ও সংস্কৃতি pdf pdf
11 ইসলাম শিক্ষা pdf pdf
12 হিন্দুর্ধম শিক্ষা pdf pdf
13 খ্রিষ্টধর্ম শিক্ষা pdf pdf
14 বৌদ্ধধর্ম শিক্ষা pdf pdf

How to Read PDF Textbook

Reading PDF Textbook is easy on Devices like Smartphone, Tab, or Computer. This electronic Device supports PDF Books, and you can read books without issue. Smartphones, Computers, or Tablets natively support PDF files; these operating systems have default applications to open and read PDF Books.

Modern PDF Books support the latest features like index, sign, and mark. If you have trouble reading a book smoothly, download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader for free. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is available to Major Operating systems and Devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Teachers Assistant Guide (Shikkhok Sohayika)

If you are a parent, your children are reading in class 8. You can download the books for your children. Teacher’s Assistant Guides are also available for class 8. Teacher’s Assistant Guides are also known as Shikkhok Sohayika. You can download and read the Teacher Assistant Guide for Class 8 if you are a teacher.

In the digital age, the way children engage with reading is evolving. PDF book reading has become a popular method for primary students to access a wide range of reading materials. This shift from traditional paper books to digital formats has significant implications for the development of reading skills for reading Secondary Students.

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